1. The abstract must be typed in English and Bahasa Indonesia with a maximal of 250 words.
  2. The abstract must be typed using the font Times New Roman, using A4 pages setting, in one column with side margin of 3 cm from the top of the page, 2 cm from the bottom of the page, 2 cm from the right and left sides of the page. The line spacing used is single spacing with justified alignment.
  3. The font size of the title is 12, bold, with centered alignment.
    4. The font size of the name of the authors(s) is 11 and bold. The full name of the authors must be written and the name of the main author must is written at the front and underlined.
    5. The city and country of the institution are typed using font size 10.
    6. The content of the abstract is written two lines below the address of the affiliations. The content of the study is written in one paragraph with the font style Times New Roman, size 10, and single-spaced. The headers of the paragraph for research paper are Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusion. The headers for case report or series are introduction, Case, and Conclusion.


  • The topic of the abstract is related to Neurology and Neuroscience in all its aspects.
  • It has to be sent online via email in the form of Word document file to
  • Abstracts submitted after February 07, 2019 will not be accepted.
  • All poster participants must be registered as symposium participants and have completed their registration and payment processes. The abstracts will not be process until the committee has accepted the registration fee.
  • All participants will receive a confirmation email from the committee regarding the abstract submission in mid January 2019.
  • All abstracts will be included in the proceeding book and the committee has the right too alter the format of the abstract to suit the format of the proceeding book.



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