1. General Conditions
    1. The conference invites participants to submit abstracts on topics related to neuro-oncology for presentation in the poster session.
    2. The conference accepts abstracts of quantitative or qualitative research, as well as case reports.
    3. Selected abstracts will be shortlisted for the poster presentation
    4. Poster presenters must be fully registered as conference participants.
    5. Abstracts can be submitted by e-mail to with the subject POSTER SUBMISSION <full name>. An acknowledgment will be sent through e-mail upon receipt of submission.
    6. Abstract submission ends on 20 February 2018. Authors of shortlisted abstracts will be notified as soon as the selection process is finished.
    7. Submissions are accepted on the understanding that authors uphold academic and ethical standards. Any participants found to be in violation of such standards will be disqualified.
    8. Queries or other concerns regarding the abstract submission process can be made through the e-mail
    9. Three best entry in the poster presentations will be awarded prize.
  2.  Abstract selection
    1. Rules
      • written in English
      • contains title of abstract, author information, body of abstract
      • accepted file formats are MS Word document (.doc and .docx).
      • File must be named Abstract_Name of first author_Title
      • Maximum word count, not including title and author information, is 300 words
      • Use A4 paper size with standard margins, : font Times New Roman, single line spacing, justified alignment
      • Abstract title is typed using font sixe 12, bold and centered
      • Author information consists of names and affiliations, font size 11, centered. Names are written in full, with the main author listed first.
      • Components for research abstract: introduction, method, result, discussion, conclusion
      • Components for case report are case illustration and discussion, with the conclusion is included in the discussion.
      • Body of abstract is typed in font size 11
  3. Selection Criteria
    • Novelty
    • Methodology
    • Appropriateness of visualization
    • Committee will do the selection
    • Poster Presentation
      1. Poster Description
        • Poster does the most communication, the task of an author is to answer questions from poster visitors and to provide further details on request
        • The content of an effective poster presentation should be clear, focused, and concise
        • Poster usually contains eye-catching illustrations, diagrams, graphs and/or photographs with clear and attractive layout
        • Format:
          1. Size 90 cm wide and 120 cm high
          2. Poster is written in English
          3. PDF/PPT /Jpeg format
        • File must be named Poster_Name of first author_Title
        • Files submission end at March 5th, 2018 through email with subject POSTER PRESENTATION <full name>
        • Poster walks will take place from 11.20-13.00 at March 15, 2018 and will be guided by 6 experts in a judging panel
        • Poster presentation uses E-Poster

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